FVQ_CYP (10-15 years)

An age-appropriate measure of functional vision (FV) for self-reporting by visually impaired (VI) children and young people.
Technology No.
Functional Vision Questionnaire for Children and Young People with Visual impairment (10-15 years)

This has been replaced with an updated version found here.

Product Description

A novel, psychometrically robust self-report questionnaire for children and young people-the FVQ_CYP-that captures the functional impact of visual disability from their perspective. The 36-item, 4-point unidimensional scale has potential as a complementary adjunct to objective clinical assessments in routine pediatric ophthalmology practice and in research.

Tadic V, Cooper A, Cumberland P, Lewando-Hundt G, Rahi JS; Vision-related Quality of Life Group (2013) Development of the functional vision questionnaire for children and young people with visual impairment: the FVQ_CYP, Ophthalmology, 120(12): 2725-32. PMID: 24120327

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