FVQ_Child (8-12 years) and FVQ_Young Person (13-18 years)

An age-appropriate measure of functional vision (FV) for self-reporting by visually impaired (VI) children and young people.
Technology No. 89-136

Product Description

The FVQ_CYP is a collection of self-report questionnaires developed to assess functional vision (FV) of children and young people aged 8-18 years with visual impairment or blindness, and may be used as complementary adjuncts to objective clinical assessments in routine paediatric ophthalmology practice and research, and also our vision-related quality of life instruments (the VQoL_CYP).

These instruments are intended for use by healthcare professionals and related specialists with children and young people aged 8 up to 18 years.

The FVQ_C contains 28 items.

The FVQ_YP contains 38 items.

Both instruments use a 4-point response structure with age-appropriate instructions and question stems. The two instrument versions contain a common ‘core’ set of items relevant to all children and young people within the age-range of 8 up to 18 years, as well as age-specific items.

Summary scores from the FVQ_C and FVQ_YP can be derived and transformed into measurement-scaled scores so that summary scores across different age groups can be compared.

Previous instrument versions:

The FVQ_C and FVQ_YP are age-appropriate extensions of the original FVQ_CYP which was designed for use with children and young people aged 10-15 years. The new instruments replace the original FVQ_CYP, broadening the age-range of children and young people to whom the instrument is suitable. Both new instruments are psychometrically robust, valid and reliable for capturing FV of children and young people within the specified age-groups.

Publications reporting the development of the new FVQ_C and FVQ_YP are included in the References section with papers reporting the development of the original FVQ_CYP. In addition, the References section includes papers that provide evidence useful to implementation of the instruments into routine clinical practice.

What the instrument includes:

Both the FVQ_C and FVQ_YP include:

User manual

The user manual contains a description of FV, a brief background to the FVQ_C and FVQ_YP, administration guidelines, scoring instructions (including how to transform summary scores into comparable measurement-scaled scores) and relevant references.

Instrument booklets

Each instrument booklet contains a title page, instructions, prompts, question stems, items, and response options. It is important that all these elements are presented to children and young people using the instrument booklets. The instrument booklets containing the FVQ_C and FVQ_YP differ in length and content.


Development of the original FVQ_CYP (for 10-15 year olds) was supported by Fight for Sight (Grant: 1321/1322) who also funded development of the new age-appropriate extensions (Grant: 1322).

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