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DOI: 10.5522/03/1
Tadi?, Valerija (Title: Dr)
Cooper, Andrew (Title: Dr)
Cumberland, Phillippa (Title: Mrs)
Lewando-Hundt, Gillian (Title: Professor)
Rahi, Jugnoo Sangeeta (Title: Professor)
Title: VQoL_CYP (10-15 years)
Publisher: UCLB
Year of publication: 2016
DOI Dataset: The dataset contains 3 individual pdfs:
I.  VQoL_CYP (35) Manual FINAL: that is the instruction for use of the 
two questionnaires that are gender specific
II. VQoL_CYP (35) 10-15 years form BOY version FINAL: The developed
questionnaire to be used for boys aged 10-15
III. VQoL_CYP (35) 10-15 years form GIRL version FINAL: The developed
questionnaire to be used for girls aged 10-15


Product Description

A novel, psychometrically robust self-report questionnaire for children and young people - the VQoL_CYP - which captures the day to day impact of living with impaired vision from their perspective. The 35-item, 4-point scale has potential as a complementary adjunct to our complementary functional vision instrument (FVQ_CYP 10-15 years) and objective clinical assessments in routine paediatric ophthalmology practice and in research.


This research was supported by The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (Grant: OR2006-03b)

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Copyright © University College London 2016. All Rights Reserved.

VQoL_CYP (10-15yrs)

The Vision-Related Quality of Life Instrument for Children and Young People with Visual Impairment aged 10-15 years

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