MRI Pulse Sequence for a multi-echo spoiled gradient echo

This MRI pulse sequence enables multi-echo spoiled gradient echo images to be acquired. A magnetisation transfer (MT) pre-pulse can be used to impart additional MT weighting.
Technology No. 97-347

This sequence was written in Siemens’ VE11c IDEA environment and was designed for use on a Siemens 3T Prisma MRI system. This is the imaging sequence used to acquire the public dataset described in Callaghan et al. Data in Brief 2019 (

Please, note that the provided SDE source code is to be considered a template only, and it is the responsibility of the IDEA programmer, who modifies and compiles the code and installs the binaries on site, to run the system-specific tests and assess security and safety issues. This should only be used at your research institute.

The Physicist and IDEA programmer is the responsible MR physicist and certified IDEA/ICE programmer at your research institute. Only he/she as a qualified IDEA/ICE programmer certified by Siemens may use this software and information.

You need an IDEA license on your scanner which allows you to run own sequences and ICE programs. 

The IDEA environment is provided directly from Siemens.

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    Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging (contact: Professor Martina Callaghan)
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    1. Callaghan et al. , Data in Brief 2019
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