Maths@Home preschool games resource

This Maths@Home resource is aimed at preschool teachers and parents of children aged 2-6 years old who want to improve young children’s maths abilities through everyday play. The resource describes the materials and instructions for 6 evidence-based games that parents and teachers can introduce to pre-school children in and around the home or classroom.
Technology No. 31-017

Maths@Home is designed to give adults ideas of various activities that will support the child’s mathematical development using resources easily available in and around the home.

Its design was based on the latest research on mathematical development in children and personalised learning, whilst considering feedback from parents and practitioners. The activities are informed by the English national curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage framework. 

Fun games that can be implemented in daily life

The Maths@home games are play-based activities that can be implemented in a child’s daily routine. They are designed to encourage off-screen engagement between family members/teaching staff and children, using resources easily accessible in the home.

There are games to play for when being out and about with a child, being in the bath or swimming pool, when preparing food, preparing for bedtime or just hanging out in the home or classroom. The games are informal and promote mathematical development without the need for any worksheets.

Promoting development and transferability of learning

Mathematical abilities include a wide range of concepts and knowledge that children need to acquire, including number name knowledge, digit knowledge, number sequence knowledge, number sense understanding, shape, etc.

The activities have been carefully created to support the development of these areas and mathematical concepts and supports how this knowledge can be applied in daily life. The fact that children can choose which activity to play will build their confidence and enjoyment for maths. 

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Maths@Home preschool games resource

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