Adolescents’ Food Habits Checklist (AFHC)

The Adolescents’ Food Habit Checklist (AFHC) is a self-report psychometric tool for the adolescent (>13-25 y population to measure healthy eating behaviour in situations in which they have a degree of personal control.
Technology No. 09-009

The Adolescent Food Habits Checklist (AFHC) is a 23-item checklist that aims to provide a measure of adolescent healthy eating behaviour with reference to those situations in which young people are likely to have a degree of personal control. It addresses areas in which adolescents may be able to affect how closely their diets conform to guidelines on healthy eating, with reference to the avoidance of specific energy-dense foods, selection of low-fat alternatives, consumption of fruit and vegetables and snacking behaviour. It has a good level of convergent validity and high internal and test-retest reliability.

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