SnakeGrid Projector for FME Server

A coordinate system with minimal scale factor and height distortion - for FME Server
Technology No. 32-021

The SnakeGrid family of products, developed by UCL Business Ltd, provides a comprehensive solution to a significant problem in engineering surveying – the design of a coordinate system with minimal scale factor and height distortion even when projects extend for many hundreds of kilometres.

Product Specification

SnakeGrid Projector permits transformation of data within FME Server, in any of its supported formats, including CAD, raster, point clouds, shape files, etc. to and from the SnakeGrid coordinate systems.  Conversions may be made with geodetic latitude/longitude, the US State Plane, British National Grid, the London Survey Grid and all UTM zones.

Also included is the SnakeGrid Object plugin for FME.  This permits advanced coordinate reprojection options: reproject by vertex, reproject by object centroid and reproject by centroid of all objects.  The first option will potentially change the size and shape of each object, however the vertices will be correctly located.  The last two will maintain object size and shape however with the proviso that object vertices will be incorrectly positioned in the new projection.  SnakeGrid Object will deliver an HTML report analysing resulting object distortion.

SnakeGrid Projector is a plugin for FME Server.  There are two installers: FME Windows 32bit and FME Windows 64bit.

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SnakeGrid Projector Demonstration


SnakeGrid Object Demonstration

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    1. Preston, Iliffe (2007), The Snake Projection: A Customised Grid for Rail Projects, Survey Review , 39, Iss 304
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