The Sibling’s Views Questionnaire (SVQ)

The Sibling's Views Questionnaire (SVQ) consists of a pre-intervention and post-intervention version, and utilises a focused semi-structured interview design. The SVQ enables the interviewers to ascertain the sibling's experience of having a brother or sister with complex health care needs and to identify what the sibling needs from a support group.
Technology No. 02-203

Questionnaire for professionals who facilitate support groups for siblings of children who have complex health care needs.

The SVQ enables support group facilitators (including healthcare professionals, school counsellors, researchers, and young carers’ group leaders) to ascertain the most significant aspects of siblings’ experiences of living with a brother or sister with complex care needs, from siblings’ perspectives.

Facilitators complete the ‘SVQ – pre-intervention’ through individual ‘interview’ with the sibling before the support group begins.  The pre-intervention SVQ allows facilitators to establish what most concerns siblings and to establish what siblings need from their support group.  There is therefore the potential to tailor the support group/intervention more carefully to help ensure it is beneficial for the siblings taking part.

Through completing the ‘SVQ - post-intervention’ after the support group, the information siblings shared at the start of the support group is re-visited.  This enables siblings to reflect on anything that has changed (or stayed the same) and the reasons for this being the case.  It also forms an evaluation of the support group thus providing facilitators with a focused means of measuring the effectiveness of the intervention.

The full original research article detailing the use of the SVQ is available online (see References).


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DOI: 10.5522/03/02-203a
Gettings, Sheryl
J. Santosh, Paramala
Franco, Fabia
Title: The Sibling's Views Questionnaire (SVQ)
Publisher: UCLB
Year of publication: 2016
DOI Dataset: The dataset contains 2 individual pdfs:
I.  SVQ - Pre-intervention: Pre-intervention questionnaire to be 
completed before the support group begins.

II. SVQ - Post-intervention: Post-intervention questionnaire to be
completed after the support group.

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