A Quality of Life instrument for carers of people with parkinsonism
Technology No. 97-193

Quality of life questionnaire for carers of people with Parkinsonism

PQoL Carers is a Quality of Life instrument for carers of people with parkinsonism that takes the form of a self-report questionnaire.


Atypical parkinsonism (AP) has a considerable impact on the lives of not only the patients but also of their carers. The aim was to develop an instrument for assessing the quality of life (QoL) of carers of patients with AP.

A 40-item pool was generated from in-depth interviews with carers of patients with AP and a thorough review of the existing literature and consultation with movement disorder experts. The items were further refined and reduced using the results of pilot testing and validation studies. 

The 26-item Parkinsonism Carers QoL (PQoL Carer) is a concise instrument with adequate psychometric qualities that can be used for clinical and research purposes.

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