A Patient-Reported Quality of Life instrument for patients with multiple system atrophy
Technology No. 97-167
MSA Quality of Life Questionnaire


The original MSA Quality of Life Questionnaire - a fully validated, patient-reported 40-item questionnaire for patients with MSA:


Please note that translated versions of MSA-QoL are available for purchase:

  • MSA-QoL English-US Translation
  • MSA-QoL French-France Translation
  • MSA-QoL German-Austria Translation
  • MSA-QoL German-Germany Translation
  • MSA-QoL Japanese-Japan Translation
  • MSA-QoL Spanish-US Translation

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  • swap_vertical_circlelibrary_booksReferences (1)
    1. Quinn, Brady, Hobart, Low, Mathias, Selai, Schrag (2007), Measuring health-related quality of life in MSA: the MSA-QoL, Movement Disorders,, Vol. 22, No. 16, pp 2332-2338
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MSA QoL Non-exclusive Licence for Clinical Trial

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