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Express Licensing Express licensing from UCL Business

Academic’s guide to XIP

XIP (pronounced zip) is UCLB’s new platform for the express licensing of technologies from within UCL. 

It is designed to promote your research, tools and inventions, making them accessible to industry and the academic community. It seeks to cut out protracted negotiations by laying out terms and prices upfront and helps demonstrate impact by providing data on sales.

It is powered by E-lucid (which used to also be the name of UCLB’s platform too) but now just refers to the underlying system. Similar to how individual websites sit on top of wordpress, squarespace or shopify.

What is it?

From the frontend, XIP is like a regular online store. You have products, categories, a shopping basket and user accounts.

From the backend, it’s a little cleverer. At the core, you create a Product that has a description, images, videos, links to academic papers and associated files (more about this later). Rather than just having a price stuck to this product you create licences that you attach to it. For example, a paid commercial licence and a free Academic licence. You can add as many licences as you like to a product (within the realms of common sense and usability). When the customer checks-out their product they are asked to agree to the terms.  Their agreement acts as a signature and binds them to the terms.

Finally, you create an approvals process. This means you can loop in anyone you like to either be an approver or to be notified.  Typically a business manager or an academic may be asked to approve. This means you can stop transactions that might be inappropriate or conflict with research aims or don't comply with legal obligations. Alternatively you may just be informed as to who is interested in the product.

XIP can handle almost any product type from healthcare questionnaires to biologicals, from software through to publications. Typically we handle non-exclusive IP at the lower financial end of the spectrum – typically 0-£10,000, although there are edge cases that go outside of this. We also handle a large number of Material Transfer Agreements.

How does it work?

Why use it?

What next?

Get in touch with your business manager at UCLB or contact us direct.