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The SnakeGrid family of products, developed by UCL Business PLC, provides a comprehensive solution to a significant problem in engineering surveying – the design of a coordinate system with minimal scale factor and height distortion even when projects extend for many hundreds of kilometres.

Product Specification

SnakeGrid PointWise is the basic tool for converting coordinate sets between ellipsoidal (latitude and longitude) systems and SnakeGrid Eastings and Northings. Input/Output is in a variety of pre-set formats and the required SnakeGrid parameter file is loaded up by the user.

The formats supported include different variations on decimal or degrees/minutes/seconds, and versions with or without ID strings, or accompanying height values (output without transformation), and with optional text strings. However, it is emphasised that this tool is for simple coordinate lists (or single point manual entry) and not for structured data.

For many users, the latitude/longitude coordinates will not necessarily be of interest in themselves, but these can then be transformed into another coordinate system – for example a different SnakeGrid where one project meets another, or a national coordinate system.  As well as the SnakeGrid coordinate system, PointWise features the US State Plane, British National Grid, the London Survey Grid and all UTM zones.

The current version of SnakeGrid PointWise is v4.1.2, which will run on MS Windows 7 and later.

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SnakeGrid PointWise

Tool for converting coordinate sets between ellipsoidal (lat and long) systems and SnakeGrid Eastings and Northings.

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SnakeGrid Non-Exclusive Licence (Gratis) 1.01

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