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The SnakeGrid family of products, developed by UCL Business PLC, provides a comprehensive solution to a significant problem in engineering surveying – the design of a coordinate system with minimal scale factor and height distortion even when projects extend for many hundreds of kilometres.

Product Specification

SnakeGrid Local for FME Desktop allows the user to create a SnakeGrid parameter file to recreate a local engineering grid and establish its relationship to other coordinate systems. 

Inputs are control point features in the local grid and in geodetic coordinates.  SnakeGrid Local will then define a locally tailored Transverse Mercator projection and a best fit similarity transformation.  Outputs are a SnakeGrid parameter file, HTML report of results and point features with the data residuals as attributes.

The SnakeGrid parameter file may be used thereafter in SnakeGrid Projector, SnakeGrid PointWise, SnakeGrid Object, SnakeGrid Transformer for Microstation and third party software which features the SnakeGrid algorithm. 

SnakeGrid Local is a plugin for FME Desktop versions 2012 onwards.  There are two installers: FME Windows 32bit and FME Windows 64bit.

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SnakeGrid Local overview


SnakeGrid Local FME Demonstration

SnakeGrid Local for FME Desktop

Create SnakeGrid parameter files to recreate local engineering grids and establish relationships to other coordinate systems.

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SnakeGrid Non-Exclusive Licence (Gratis) 1.01

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