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Product specification

Jacaranda is a system for process synthesis, or automated process design, intended for conceptual or early stage design. It aims to provide the support necessary for creative and exploratory design, helping the engineer identify the important issues and constraints for a given design problem.

Product description

Jacaranda has been used for problems in the petrochemical, bioprocessing and brewing industries. The aim of Jacaranda is to provide an environment which encourages the engineer to explore the space of solutions available to him or her. Exploration is encouraged through the following features: ease of problem definition, efficiency of implementation, and ability to extract information about solution space. Jacaranda provides these features in a portable and efficient system.

Installation support and/or training will be required, this can be organised with the program author through our partner organisation UCL Consultants Ltd. For information on rates and availability, please contact them on 020 7679 9794 or, quoting "XIP product Jacaranda"

Product requirements

Jacaranda is written in Java and has been run successfully on a wide range of systems including Linux, Solaris, AIX, and MS Windows. It requires a Java Development Kit or Java Runtime Environment supporting Java version 2, release 1.5 or later.

Jacaranda 1.0

The Jacaranda system for process design and optimisation

Please check carefully that the terms you select correspond to your intended use of the product.

UCLB Licence CMR-A 1.02

For internal commercial research use. Does not allow use on behalf of a third party.

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Term: 12 months
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