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This version has been superceded by the significantly updated product abYsis2. Please contact support for further information whilst we update the licensing packages on this website.

Product specification

Abysis is a complete system for loading, storing and analysing public and proprietary antibody sequences and 3D structures. The loading software pairs light and heavy chains and ensures that all antibody sequences are numbered in the universally recognised forms (such as Kabat or Chothia). It then performs other key assessments prior to loading into an SQL database. The interface provides many key facilities including the analysis of residue and length distributions as well as a number of antibody-specific sequence analysis tools.

Product description

All public antibody sequence and structure data are already available in Abysis at; researchers are encouraged to make use of this freely available webservice and become familiar with the database features available. Upgrading to the commercially licensed version available here as a software download gives a number of key benefits to researchers, in particular the ability to keep their proprietary antibody sequences in-house for integration with public data and analysis using the Abysis system.

By loading both publicly available and proprietary data, a comprehensive view of the antibody world can be obtained through use of the unified and standardised numbering schemes. Users are then able to interrogate the database either through the Abysis interface or by writing their own programs (in SQL) to query the underlying database.

All antibody sequences are stored with standardised numbering schemes including the popular Kabat and Chothia systems, as well as others. The interface enables researchers to additionally analyse sequences not held in the database and ask important questions regarding antibody humanisation.

Further information can be found at

Product requirements

Hardware Requirements

Any modern processor; 4GB RAM per core recommended

Fast SATA disks will help database performance. 100GB is sufficient to run the system (based on current dataset requirements) broken down as follows:
Installation           10GB
Database             13GB
Website/code      1.5GB
Updating - PDB   41GB
              - Kabat    44MB
              -IMGT*     0.5GB

* See note in 'Other Licence requirements' below.

Additional disk space will be required if you include your proprietary sequence data and also as the public database grows.

Operating System requirements

Modern installation of Linux (e.g. Redhat Fedora 9 or better) with:

  • Perl 2 (reasonably recent version)
  • Apache web server
  • Gnuplot
  • Perl Template Toolkit

All additional packages (including PostgreSQL) are installed as part of the Abysis system.

Other Licence requirements

Please note that the IMGT database is not included with the commercial Abysis installation files owing to the licensing terms attached to distribution of IMGT for commercial purpose. Abysis licencees are responsible for obtaining the database directly from IMGT ( for loading into the Abysis program.




Abysis 1.x

Antibody Analysis software

Please check carefully that the terms you select correspond to your intended use of the product.

UCLB Licence CMR-A 1.02

For internal commercial research use only. Does not allow use on behalf of a third party. Quoted licence fee covers a single machine installation with up to 3 named users. For additional users and/or additional machines, please select the P.O.A. licence option below.

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Further details
Term: 12 months
Seats: 1 - 3 seats

Price excl. VAT: P.O.A. (price on application)

Prices start from £6000

UCLB Licence CMR-A 1.02

For internal commercial research use. Does not allow use on behalf of a third party.

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Further details
Term: 12 months
Seats: 3+ seats

Price excl. VAT: P.O.A. (price on application)

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