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BRIGHTLIGHT is a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded study (RP-PG-1209-10013) evaluating whether specialist services for teenage cancer add value. Specialist teenage and young adult (TYA) cancer services were implemented in England & Wales in 2005. Anecdotally, professionals and patients say 'specialist care' is "better" for TYA cancer treatment.  The BRIGHTLIGHT study has been carried out to evaluate how specialist services affect the success of treatment and how well young people return to normal life such as education or work after treatment. 
The BRIGHTLIGHT study documents include the main survey, questionnaire for carers and health economic measures for use with young people aged 13 onwards.  The BRIGHTLIGHT Survey comprises three versions to enable changes in experience at five time points between 5 – 36 months after diagnosis to be sampled. The Survey is available as a computer-administered scripted paper version only, as this format is validated.
For further information about BRIGHTLIGHT please see the
WAVES 2-4 which is administered at 12-24 months after diagnosis is available for licensing now.

WAVES 2-4 Survey includes aspects of care delivery asked at WAVE 1, including, place of care, entry into clinical trials and contact with healthcare professionals but also includes questions on fatigue, impact on relationships and fear of recurrence. It has been developed so that questions related to cancer are limited when treatment has ended; it focuses on education, relationships and emotional well-being. The Survey takes 30 minutes to complete.

For WAVE 1 survey materials click here.
For WAVE 5 survey materials click here.
Soon to be available in self-completed paper format: The Carer Questionnaire explores aspects of supportive needs and contains questions using a range of Likert-scales.  The Cost of Care Questionnaire requires retrospective reflection of out of pocket costs. The Cost Record is a 3 month prospective diary for recording out of pocket costs.
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WAVES 2-4 survey materials for the BRIGHTLIGHT study

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